DC Contactor BZJ-800A


·800A Contact Switching capability

·SPST-NC Contact Arrangement

·Coil Power Dissipation:15W Max.

·Application:For Electric Control System Of Communication Power Supply、Engineering Machine、Electro-motion Forklift、Motor Car、Train、Watercraft and UPS etc.



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■ Contactor Data




Contact Form


Contact Material

Ag Alloy

Contact Rating(at Resistive Load)

800A×48V DC(DC-1)

Contact Voltage Drop


Insulation Resistance

Min. 100MΩ at 500VDC

Dielectric Strength

(Between Insulated Electric Parts)

1000VAC 50 HZ/60 HZ (1 minute)  

Leak current<1mA

Mechanical Operations

100,000 Operations (no load)

Electrical Operations

6,000 Operations (at rated load)

Aux. contact

5A /24V DC; 2A/ 48VDC

Min. load of aux. contact


Working duty



■ Coil Data

■ Product Model

Example: BZJ-800A/48; said: Normally closed DC Contactor, 800A for DC-1 load rated current, coil voltage 48V DC.


■ Shape installation and circuit diagram

■ Remarks

1. While assemble contactor, tighten torque of nut of terminal screw in main circuit is 14~17.5N.m; tighten torque of nut of terminal screw in control circuit is 1~1.5N.m.
2. Driving circuit power for coil must be no less than coil power; otherwise, it will reduce cutting capacity of product.
3. Continuous applied voltage should not exceed the maximum permission voltage. Otherwise, abnormal
heating of coil will shorten the life of insulating coating.
4. This contactor is non-waterproof, please don’t use in water, solvent, oil and other environment that may contact with the shell or terminal. Otherwise, it may cause abnormal heating due to the burn-in of shell or corrosion, dirty of terminal.

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