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Our products are used in communication power supply, home appliances, vehicles, construction machinery, solar photovoltaic,
Aerospace, locomotives, ships, etc. operate at optimal levels.
Dongya is a leading manufacturer of DC contactors with a factory covering an area of 10,000 square meters with more than 10
production lines equipped with the latest machines.
First-Class Product Range
DONGYA products are designed to withstand harsh conditions and operate for extended periods of time.Our design engineers is
over 30 years of experience industrial technology to enhance and evolve products.

DC magnetic contactors, including solenoid type, double throw, and single pole contactors, are essential components for controlling direct current (DC) electrical loads. Specifically designed for electric vehicles and other high-voltage applications, these 1000V DC contactors play a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient power management. Whether it's a single pole solenoid contactor or a more complex configuration, DC magnetic solenoid contactors are integral to the reliable operation of DC systems.

Single pole contactors are designed for simple on/off control, while double throw contactors offer the flexibility to switch between multiple circuits or devices.

High voltage DC contactors are essential components used in battery systems and electric vehicles (EVs)  . These hermetically sealed contactors are designed to withstand high voltages, making them suitable for automotive applications. These high current DC contactors ensure reliable electrical isolation and control. Battery contactors and high current DC contactors robust design and hermetic sealing make them ideal for demanding and long-term usage in EVs and high-voltage battery systems.

When you need to measure the current in a circuit, you can use a shunt resistor, also known as a current shunt resistor. Shunt resistors typically have a very low resistance value, much smaller than that of the circuit under test. This ensures that the power shunt resistor has very little effect on the overall circuit. Selecting the proper current shunt resistor resistance value can be determined based on the expected current range and required measurement accuracy.


Shunt resistors are widely used in various fields. Ammeter Shunt electronic can measure the current accurately and reliably, and realize the control and protection of the circuit.


Magnetic circuit breakers are widely used in residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems. They are commonly used in distributed power systems, power distribution systems, home circuits, motor control, and mechanical equipment. Helps prevent circuit overload and short circuit problems, keeping people and equipment safe.

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