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Normal Open 50A DC contactor ZLJM-50A

Normal Open 50A DC contactor ZLJM-50A

•50A Contact Switching Capability
•SPST-NO Contact Arrangement
•Coil Power Dissipation:9W Max.
•Application:For Electric Control System of Communication Power Supply, Engineering Machine, Electromotion Forklift, Motor Car, Train, Watercraft and UPS etc.
•Certificate:CCC UL TUV

The Product Description

Normal Open 50A ZLJM-A DC Contactor ZLJM-50A

■ Contactor Data

Mode No. ZLJM-50A/□
Contact Form 1H (SPST-NO)
Contact Material Ag Alloy
Contact Rating(at Resistive Load) 50A×48VDC(DC-1)
Contact Voltage Drop 50A@80mV max
Insulation Resistance Min. 100MΩ at 500VDC
Dielectric Strength
(Between Insulated Electric Parts)
1000VAC 50 HZ/60 HZ (1 minute)
Pick up time Max. 30mSec.
Drop out time Max. 30mSec.
Ambient Temperature -25℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+65℃
Relative Humidity +20%~+90% RH
Shocking of fixed point (10~200)HZ、Acceleration≤3.5g
Shocking (60~100)Ops./min、Acceleration≤4g
Mechanical Life Time 100,000 Operations (no load)
Electrical Life Time 6,000 Operations (at rated load)
Pollution Level III
Working Duty Continuous

■ Coil Data

Mode No. Coil voltage Coil Working voltage Pick-up Voltage Drop-out Voltage Coil Holding Current
ZLJM-50A 12 0.85US~1.1US ≤70% ≥5% ≤0.9
24 ≤0.5
30 ≤0.4
36 ≤0.3
48 ≤0.25
60 ≤0.15

■ Product Model

Example: ZLJM-50A/48; said: NormallyopenDC Contactor, 50A for DC-1 load rated current, coil voltage 48VDC.

■ Shape installation and circuit diagram ZLM-50A/□

Dimension(mm) Tolerance grade not noted(mm)
0~30 ±0.3
30~60 ±0.5
60~100 ±1
>100 ±2

■ Remarks
1. While assemble contactor, tighten torque of nut of terminal screw in main circuit is 4~5N.m; tighten torque of nut of terminal screw in control circuit is 1~1.5N.m.
2. Driving circuit power for coil must be no less than coilpower; otherwise, it will reduce cutting capacity of product.
3. Continuous applied voltage should not exceed the maximum permission voltage. Otherwise, abnormal heating of coil will shorten the life of insulating coating.
4. This contactor is non-waterproof, please don’t use in water, solvent, oil and other environment that may contact with the shell or terminal. Otherwise, it may cause abnormal heating due to the burn-in of shell or corrosion, dirty of terminal. 

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