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Normal Open 200A DC contactor ZLJ-200A, MZJ-200A

Normal Open 200A DC contactor ZLJ-200A, MZJ-200A


·200A Contact Switching capability

·SPST-NO Contact Arrangement

·Coil Power Waste : 8W.

·Application: For Electric Control System Of Communication Power Supply、Engineering Machine、Electromotion Forklift、Motor Car、Train、Watercraft and UPS etc.

·TUV file No.:50054080

·UL   file No.:E145623

·CCC file No.:2004010304116988

The Product Description

Normal Open 200A ZLJM-A DC Contactor ZLJ-200A, MZJ-200A


Model No.


Contact Arrangement


Contact Material


Contact Rating(at Resistive Load)

200A 48VDC

Coil voltage operating range

(85~110) % of coil rated voltage

Pick-up Voltage

(5~30) % of coil rated voltage

Contact Pressure Drop

At most 30mV when 100A

Insulation Resistance

Min. 100MΩ at 500VDC

Dielectric Strength

(Between Insulated Electric Parts)

1000VAC 50 HZ/60 HZ (1 minute)

Operate Time

Max. 50mSec.

Release Time

Max. 50mSec.

Ambient Temperature


The shocking of fixed point



(60~100) time/minute、Acceleration≤4g

Mechanical Life

100,000 Operations (no load)

Electrical Life

6,000 Operations (at rated load)

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