SHUNT SH-F 1000A-1500A

1. Use: The interchangeable shunts are used to multiply the measuring range of current of measuring instruments.

2. Application:For Telecommunications equipment、Electric cars、Aerospace、Charging station、Electroplating Power Equipment、Instrument and meter, Dc power system, etc..

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SH-F Shunt 1000A-1500A

Main technical data:

      1)Rated voltage drop range: 1A-50A 10mV~800mV;51A-2500A  10mV~300mV。

      2)Ambient condition-25~+40℃; Relative humidity≤80%(35℃)

      3)Temperature rise: Put in rated current for 2hr, after the temperature rising steady test it: When the rated current less than 100A, the temperature rise should be no more than 80K; When the rated current more than 100A, the temperature rise should be no more than 120K.

      4)Over load performance: 120% of rated current for 2hours.

      5)Thermoelectric potential influence: no more than 50% of the index level.

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