Circuit breaker development history

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Publish Time :06-22-2019

The world's first circuit breaker was born in 1885, it is a combination of a knife start and an overcurrent release. In 1905, an air circuit breaker with a free trip device was born. Since 1930, with the advancement of science and technology, the discovery of the arc principle and the invention of various arc extinguishing devices have gradually formed institutions. In the late 1950s, due to the rise of electronic components, electronic trip units were produced. Today, thanks to the popularity of single-chip microcomputers, intelligent circuit breakers have emerged.

Common low voltage circuit breakers and vacuum circuit breakers:

The low-voltage circuit breaker is used for the function of switching on, off, controlling or protecting the circuit with AC voltage of 1200V and DC voltage of 1500V. Low-voltage circuit breaker is an important part of the electrical industry. It is a basic accessory in the machinery industry. In the power distribution system, the low-voltage switchgear is mainly composed of various low-voltage circuit breaker components. The function and performance of the low-voltage circuit breaker is low-voltage switch. Equipment plays a vital role. More than 80% of the electricity generated by power generation equipment is distributed through low-voltage circuit breakers. For every 10,000 kW of power generation equipment, about 20,000 pieces of various types of low-voltage circuit breakers are needed. In industrial automation systems, various control panels, consoles, controllers, and the like, which are composed of low-voltage circuit breakers, are also required. Since 1949, China's low-voltage circuit breaker industry has gradually developed into an independent design and production industry based on some repair and assembly of simple electrical equipment factories. By 1979, there were more than 600 production enterprises, after 1985-1986, 1990~ In 1991, two development peaks. In 1995, there were about 1,500 production enterprises in the low-voltage circuit breaker industry.

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