High Voltage DC Contactor DHC200

  • 200A Contact switch capacity, Small volume; 
  • A set of bridge type N.O.contacts; contact circuit has "+"."-" polarity;
  • Coil with energy saving device, the max holding power consumption is 4.5W.
  • Using ceramic brazing technology, the contact part is sealed with hydrogen gas.The contactdoes not oxidize, can quickly cut off in the dc high voltage;
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Performance Data

high voltage dc contactor dhc200 2

Note: (a):The above data is tested at ambient temperature, connecting wire cross section area≥60mm2
          (b):Except for special instructions, the Electrical endurance On-off ratio is 1s:9s


Coil Data

high voltage dc contactor dhc200 3


Power Switching Capacity for Resistive Load

high voltage dc contactor dhc200 4

high voltage dc contactor dhc200 5

Note: The above data is tested at 85℃ ambient temperature,

connecting wire cross section area≥60mm2.The data is for

reference only; please do not use to select the fuse directly.

Note:The above data are tested by random sampling of coil volt.

120 DC product.The data is for reference only, (test qty: n=3)


Part Numbering System

Coil lead-out method

high voltage dc contactor dhc200 6

high voltage dc contactor dhc200 7


Outline mounting dimension and circuit diagram

high voltage dc contactor dhc200 8

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